Measure C


Measure C provides locally-controlled funding that cannot be taken by the State or Federal governments. Measure C funding will expire soon without further action by local voters.

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FCTA is working with communities throughout Fresno County on a plan to renew Measure C funding on a future ballot, and ensure we can continue to maintain and improve local transportation without relying solely on the state or federal government.

Measure C funds are needed to maintain roads in good condition, fill potholes, pave roads where needed, add streetlights and sidewalks where needed, upgrade outdated structures like bridges and underpasses, as well as reduce congestion and improve the air quality.

Renewing Measure C would also support seniors, veterans and individuals with disabilities by keeping and expanding low-cost transportation options, and making public transit safer and better.

Measure C


Measure C local funding renewal is urgently needed for maintaining roads in good condition and enhancing the overall quality of life for local residents.

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  • Nearly two-thirds of streets and roads in Fresno County were recently rated by independent engineers as either “fair,” “poor,” or “very poor.” These essential repairs have been put off for too long.
  • We need to continue to fill our potholes, fix our streets and make them safer before conditions get even worse and become more expensive to repair.
  • Much of our current highway system was designed in the 1960s, when the population was almost a third of what it is today. While Measure C has made major improvements, we still have a long way to go to meet the needs of our community.
  • Highway 99 needs major improvements to help improve traffic flow, eliminate congestion, and upgrade safety, while 180 East and West and 41 South need upgrades to better connect our rural communities. Measure C will help address traffic congestion and will help keep up with the growing population of drivers on our roads.

Measure C will address community needs by:

  • Repairing potholes
  • Keeping local roads in good condition
  • Paving roads where needed
  • Keeping public transit bus fares low for students, seniors, veterans and the disabled
  • Upgrading structurally declining bridges, overpasses, roads and highways
  • Clearing litter on the sides of highways
  • Improving 911 emergency vehicle access
  • Providing safer routes to schools
  • Reducing traffic congestion
  • Investing in zero-emission public transit to improve air quality
  • Creating local jobs
Measure C


  • Use of Measure C funds includes strict accountability, including a Citizens’ Oversight Committee, independent annual financial and performance audits, and public disclosure of all spending.
  • By law, all money generated from Measure C will continue to be used solely for maintaining and improving Fresno County’s transportation system and cannot be diverted to other purposes or be taken or redirected by State or Federal governments.
  • Renewing Measure C would protect the quality of life for Fresno County residents by addressing necessary repairs and improvements for our highways, roads and overall transportation needs.

    All funds will be locally-controlled, support our community’s needs and cannot be taken away by the State.
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